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CDE Industries

MAC Engineering (PTY) LTD, Was fortunate to recieve a fabrication and intallation of a Filter press compartment, the project was finished within spec and on time.

Furnace and Smelting Industry

MAC Engineering (PTY) LTD,

Recieved an order for the manufacture of a furnace roof for one of our smelting clients the project was complete on time and within Specification, passed by a Third party inspector after being sand blasted and painted.

Great Work MAC Engineering Team!!

Mining Industry

MAC Engineering (PTY) LTD,

Was awarded a contract to manufacture on of the biggest hoppers in our history, the project was finished on time and within specifications,

Well Done MAC Engineering team.

Machining Mining Industry

In MAC Engineering (PTY) LTD, we have the capapbilities to do heavy machining according to our clients needs

CDE Industries

MAC Engineering (PTY) LTD,

Is well versed in the manufacture of piping systems for any industry, with the ability to install.