MAC Engineering Pty Ltd


It is the policy of MAC Engineering's management and staff to supply its products and processes to its clients in a cost effective manner and in accordance with the specified requirements.

To achieve this objective, MAC Engineering is committed to the implementation of a quality system compatible with the intent of ISO 9001:2008 Code of Practice for Quality Systems.

MAC Engineering has a Quality Manager, who has the authority and responsibility for the development, implementation, maintenance and review of the quality management system.


Design and Detailing
Design and Detailing is given to sub-contractors under our management. We endeavour as far as possible to use detailing software such as strucad, x-steel, etc.

As a general rule, we weld to coded specifications, using fully qualified and certified welders, supervised and controlled under strict workshop conditions.

MAC Engineering is committed to the ISO 9001:2008 requirements.


Our workshop area spans over 5400m². Each work bay has access to overhead cranes. Our offices span over 1500m² which includes our Project Planning office which spans over 300m².

- Medium / Light Steel 
  200+ Tons / month

- Heavy Steel 
  200+ Tons / month


MAC Engineering is involved in the supply, fabrication and erection of customized mechanical handling equipment and machinery to various industries ranging from mining to food processing.

1. Fabrication 
     1.1. Structural Steelwork
           - Buildings and supporting structures
     1.2. Platework
           - Tanks, hoppers, chutes ect
           - Moulds for Precast Concrete
     1.3. Mechanical Equipment
           - Material Handling Equipment 
             (conveyors, feeders, chutes, hoppers, stackers, reclaimers and associated

2. Erection
     2.1. Steelwork
     2.2. Mechanical Equipment
           - Mining Equipment critical and non-critical

3. Precision Machining


4         -    10Ton Overhead Cranes
3         -    5Ton Overhead Cranes
        -    Forklifts 
1         -    20Ton Truck Mounted Crane 
        -    25Ton Truck Mounted Crane
        -    35Ton Truck Mounted Crane
1         -    40Ton Truck Mounted Crane
1         -    50Ton Truck Mounted Crane
3         -    20Ton Horse & Trailer
1         -    8Ton Truck Mounted Hydraulic Crane
1         -    30Ton Diesel Powered Winch
1         -    Hydraulic Press 100 Ton
1         -    Hydraulic Press Brake 3000 x 90 Ton
1         -    Hydraulic Guillotine 3000 x 13
1         -    Hydraulic Guillotine 3000 x 10
3         -    100Ton and 50 Ton Iron Workers
2         -    Power Saws
1         -    Sets of Plate Rollers
7         -    Centre Lathes - Various Sizes
9         -    Radial and Pedestal Drills
6         -    Milling Machines - Various Sizes
3         -    Knee Type Milling Machines
2         -    C.N.C. Bed Type :Milling Machines
1         -    100 mm Horizontal Boring Mill
1         -    Band Saw 300 mm
1         -    Tractor & Trailer
           -    Numerous Welding Machines - Various Sizes