About MAC Engineering Pty Ltd

Design And Detailing

Our designated sub contracted engineering and design department provides MAC Engineering customers with a full spectrum design and detailed engineering service.


We utilize the latest engineering design software including:

AUTOCAD for designing and detailing.
INVENTOR for 3D modelling, designing and detailing.
TEKLA for designing, detailing of all structural projects.
SIGMA NEST profiling program,

The use of these packages means that we can receive and work with design files across a variety of formats, this translates into a project design phase which is streamlined and easy to manage.


Our projects department also work in close collaboration with various consulting engineers to offer customers a best fit solution. MAC Engineering can participate in customer design review and incorporate our fabrication experience into your design.


MAC Engineering is an ISO 9001:2015 registered organisation. Thus, the quality control processes, as required by the standard, are in place and maintained by the organisation.


These processes includes:

Control of documents and records (Including Client documents).
•Supplier Management.
•Monitoring and Measurement  (Including Internal Audits).
•Control of non-conforming product  (Including Concessions and deviations).
•Corrective and preventative acti


MAC Engineering’s Fabrication Facility is situated in Nigel, Johannesburg and is run, managed and operated by highly qualified staff, the under roof area is entirely serviced by overhead cranes, the maximum single lift is 20 tons. MAC Engineering has the in-house capability to take a project from raw materials to cutting, bending, rolling, welding, machining to sandblasting and painting with the ability to TRIAL assemble for final inspection.


•The Fabrication shop floor spans over 5400 m²
•Comprehensive machine for in-house machining shop that covers over 400 m², with expert artisans with years of experience, is located in a designated area to ensure all machining is done to the highest quality and is  managed by our Managing Director.
•MAC Engineering contains 2 Bays with multiple cranes in each bay that can handle from 5 to 20 tons and a tandem lift up 30 tons.
•Crane lifting height is 7 meters.
•Sandblasting covered area cover 420 m² with a facility for painting and the plot of the sandblasting bay for heavy engineering covers 4462 m². With the relevant knowledge and certification that all equipment is blasted and painted as per customer specification.


Our On Site Equipment includes the following. 

Materials Receiving Bay

• 1  -  10t Overhead crane
• 2  -  5t Overhead cranes
• 2  -  Forklifts

Materials processing bay

• 1  -  10t Overhead crane
• 2  -  Power saws
• 1  -  Set of plate rollers
• 1  -  Band saw
• 1  -  100t Hydraulic Press
• 1  -  90t Hydraulic press brake 3000
• 1  -  Hydraulic guillotine 3000 x 13
• 1  -  Hydraulic guillotine 3000 x 10

Fabrication/Processing bay

  A Wide variety of relevant fabrication equipment,

  Numerous welding machines – various   sizes

Equipment for installation on Site

• 2  -  Mobile cranes  (1x25t, 1x35t)
• 1  -  8t Truck with fitted hydraulic crane
• 1  -  30t Diesel powered winch
• 3  -  100t and 50t iron Workers

Machine Shop

• 7  -  Centre lathes – Various sizes
• 9  -  Radial and pedestal drills
• 6  -  Milling machines – various sizes
• 3  -  Knee type milling machine
• 2  -  C.N.C. Bed type milling machines
• 1  -  100mm Horizontal boring mill

    Delivery Vehicles

• 1  -  Horse & trailer
• 1  -  8t truck with fitted Hydraulic crane.